The Vision

We’ve done a lot of homework…

The original Park Theater Action Committee, now The Park Theater Trust (TPTT), researched the previous, very diligent attempts to re-open the Park, and took a close look at what was working for other communities and their small cinemas.

It was determined that for Lafayette, success and sustainability is achievable via a partnership between a nonprofit owning the building, and then leasing and working in close collaboration with a mission-driven, for-profit Operator who will offer movies and collaborate with affiliate community programs to develop a regular calendar of additional, diversified programming that attracts multigenerational interest and users.

We also learned that in many cases, multiple screens offered a stronger path to success and sustainability, so our plan for the Park Theater is to reconfigure the interior in such a way as to incorporate two screens in a format flexible enough to accommodate and showcase additional types of programming.

And just what is the definition of “mission-driven” ?

The Park needs to be profitable in order to survive, and for that to happen in Lafayette, our research points to a for-profit Operator. However, the goal of TPTT, in addition to profitability for the theater (and therefore additional success for arts and culture in Lafayette), is to find an Operator who listens and responds to the community he/she is serving  – with programming, job training, job opportunities, sustainability, and responsibility.

This is our definition of “mission-driven.”  We believe it is attainable.

It all starts with MOVIES showcased in a multipurpose venue for EVERYONE, young and old.

From Hollywood current films and classics, to the best in indie and foreign cinema, the renewed Park Theater will offer daily movie options along with engaging non-film events and activities designed to appeal to all generations.

This is a place for everyone, every day.