Prior to resuming operations as a cinema and cultural hub, the primary purpose of the Park Theater’s iconic marquee sign board will be to advertise notices and events sponsored by The Park Theater Trust (TPTT) and/or its Operator, to the general community.

During periods when no TPTT-sponsored messages are advertised, TPTT may at its sole discretion make the marquee available to the City of Lafayette, the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, and/or nonprofit community groups based in Lafayette to temporarily advertise upcoming events and activities of broad benefit to Lafayette residents, and/or to private Lafayette groups and residents of the Lafayette community who wish to apply for permission to post a celebratory message honoring a personal milestone for a tax-deductible contribution.

Click the buttons below for more details about the marquee naming policy and the application form that should be printed, filled out, and mailed to the Park Theater Trust.

Please note: The letters used on the marquee sign board are vintage cast metal and are limited in number and may differ in size - it is all part of the small-town charm of our beloved theater. If permission to display a message is granted, the Park Theater Trust will make every effort to display the message as desired by the organization or individual but reserves the right to adjust content and spelling as necessary.

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