Questions & Answers

Why is the Park Theater so special?

Located in the heart of Lafayette, the iconic Park Theater is a beloved symbol of the community – and an architectural gem. With a façade that is a classic example of Art Deco’s international offshoot, Streamline Moderne, it was designed in 1941 by renowned cinema architect William B. David. Shuttered since 2005, memories of the Park’s past cinematic glory and deep community impact linger with families, friends, and long-time citizens who recall Saturday matinees for the kids, special school vacation programming, first dates and first-run foreign films, and kitschy classics. Re-opening the Park as a cinema and entertainment venue remains one of the top 4 community concerns, and is also a priority for local merchants and the City as we work together to revitalize Downtown.

What is “The Park Theater Trust” (TPTT)?

TPTT is the name of a soon-to-be-formed organization whose mission will be to refurbish and operate Lafayette’s iconic Park Theater building, and to revitalize it into an accessible and inclusive, community-centered cinema, arts and culture hub with programming that includes critically acclaimed films, throwback favorites, and engaging non-film events. As of April 2019, we have applied with the California Secretary of State to form a Nonprofit Public Benefit Corporation.

Who serves on The Park Theater Trust?

We are a volunteer committee of over 50 Lafayette citizens and representatives of community organizations, with an oversight Steering Committee of 7 members. Formerly the Park Theater Action Committee (PTAC), we were called together by the City but are not operating under its auspices.

Who will own The Park Theater?

TPTT will own the building for the community of Lafayette. The goal is to protect the Park Theater from outside development and refurbish and retain it for the enjoyment of future generations.

What is the overall condition of the building?

A building assessment was done and preliminary findings show that the Park Theater is structurally sound. The roof will need to be replaced; HVAC and electrical issues will need to be addressed as well as ADA compliance.  Some level of asbestos abatement will probably be required in order to occupy the building. There may be additional work needed, and it will be the responsibility of TPTT to bring the building up to code and basic function.

Others have tried to re-open the Park Theater. Why will TPTT be successful?

PTAC researched the several previous, very diligent attempts to re-open the Park and took a close look at what was working for other communities and their small cinemas. It was determined that for Lafayette, success and sustainability is achievable via a partnership between a nonprofit owning the building, and then leasing and working in close collaboration with a mission-driven, for-profit Operator who will offer movies and collaborate with community “allies” to develop a regular calendar of additional, diversified programming that attracts multigenerational interest and users. We also learned that in many cases, multiple screens offered a stronger path to success and sustainability, so our plan for the Park Theater is to reconfigure the interior in such a way as to incorporate two screens in a format flexible enough to accommodate and showcase additional types of programming.

What does a “mission-driven, for-profit” Operator mean?

One of the many things that makes the community of Lafayette special is the way we all care.  We care about our children, so we fund our schools and seek out the best possible teachers and administrators. We care about our health and emotional well-being so we support an active Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission and Creeks Committee, and collaborate with EBMUD in order to preserve and protect our beautiful Rez, bike trails, and open spaces. We care about our citizens, so we volunteer for a wide range of organizations and City committees. And we care about the kinds of businesses that come into our town because we enjoy the communal aspect, the reciprocal “neighborliness” between customer and retailer, that we find at so many of them. We all love Lafayette and since we know we are fortunate to live here, we work together to preserve its special character. The Park Theater needs to be profitable in order to survive, and for that to happen in Lafayette, research points to a for-profit Operator. However, the goal of TPTT, in addition to profitability for the theater (and therefore additional success for arts and culture in Lafayette), is to find an Operator who is responsive to the community he/she is serving, who listens and responds – with programming, job training, job opportunities, sustainability, and responsibility. That is our definition of “mission-driven” and TPTT believes it is attainable.

Who are the Community “Allies” you mention?

In addition to all of the citizens of the Lamorinda community, we see our allies as local affinity organizations who will specifically benefit from the programming we envision for a revitalized Park Theater. Included in this group are:  the City of Lafayette; Lafayette Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission; Lafayette Creeks Committee; Lafayette Chamber of Commerce; Town Hall Theater; Lafayette Library & Learning Center; Las Trampas Adult Education Center; Sustainable Lafayette; Lafayette Rotary; Lafayette Senior Services; Lamorinda Presents; local area schools and businesses, among others. Over the course of the next few months, we will be reaching out to each of these groups with our presentation and asking for their input and support on behalf of our effort to bring the Park Theater back to life. We believe numerous community groups will benefit from special programming and/or targeted use of the theater for meetings, special events, etc., and that the business community at large will greatly benefit from the additional dollars that will come into the area once the theater is up and running.

Will you still show movies?

Absolutely! Think of the renewed Park Theater as a community-centered, “speak-easy” cinema featuring current films and also offering quirky non-film events/activities to appeal to all generations.

What are some examples of the “quirky non-film events” you plan to offer?

Think Books to Movies discussion groups, Moms Morning Out, Legos & Libations, Team Trivia, open-mic comedy, Speaker Series, local music acts, Battle of the School Bands, e-sports and other special live stream events….Truly something for everyone!

Will this conflict with other venues in town?

TPTT has looked carefully at use, programming, space, and rental numbers of the four other major entertainment venues – the Veterans Hall, the Lafayette Library & Learning Center, the Community Center, and Town Hall Theater – and we have spoken at length with the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce.  We have confirmed that a revitalized, multi-use Park Theater will be a welcome, vibrant, and versatile addition to the community’s other entertainment venues. We also believe that the reopened theater with the type of programming we are suggesting, will complement but not compete with existing offerings for children, teens, adults, and seniors, and will expand the overall arts, culture and “entertainment universe” of Lafayette.

How much will this cost and how will you pay for it?

The asking price for Park Theater building and the four-plex included in the sale is $2.9 million. Our ideal plan is to purchase the property, place it in The Park Theater Trust to protect it from any future outside development, and then fundraise for capital improvements and on-going maintenance costs. There are several avenues to ownership that we are pursuing. For improvements, we anticipate we will need to raise about $2.5 mm which we hope to do through grants, planned fundraising activities, and private donations. Once we have met these “hard shell” requirements, our for-profit Operator will do the improvements required for his/her programming, and lease the building from TPTT.

What do you plan to do about parking?

The City has recently developed a new surface parking lot with 23 spaces within a 5-minute walk of the Park Theater that will be available for parking. In addition, TPTT plans to enter into a parking agreement with the City, which we anticipate will require TPTT to re-develop the rear of the property with additional parking of ~22 spaces. The Park Theater will, of course, continue to be highly accessible by foot traffic, ride share, BART, and County Connection bus service as in the past.

What will you do about fundraising, and where will the money go?

We plan to request tax-exempt status from the federal government and California as a Section 501(c)(3) public benefit corporation, which will enable us to fundraise on our own.  Until we receive that confirmation, we will be sponsored by the Lafayette Community Foundation. We were just awarded seed monies from the Lafayette Community Foundation, for which we are very grateful. While we actively rely on volunteers with specific skill sets, these initial LCF funds will allow us to file for tax-exempt status, seek professional input as needed, and prepare the materials required to launch our fundraising campaigns. Therefore, for the time being while our tax-exempt status is being processed, the Lafayette Community Foundation will serve as our umbrella 501(c)(3) organization and oversee the distribution of donated monies designated for The Park Theater Trust. Any monies raised and/or donations received on behalf of TPTT will go through the Lafayette Community Foundation, and be used for the acquisition and rehabilitation of the Park Theater.

Will the Park Theater building be available for rentals?

Yes – we anticipate there will be room rentals for private parties and gatherings, as well as for use by other community and stakeholder groups.

Will there be a kitchen?

Our plan is to have a concession area as well as a commercial kitchen.

What about Outdoor facilities?

The Park Theater is nestled close to Lafayette Creek and we look forward to working with the Lafayette Creeks Committee and the Trails Subcommittee of the Parks, Trails & Recreation Commission to beautify the area with a green belt, pathway and park benches that perhaps will include chess and checker game tables, or if space permits, a tot lot.

Will you serve alcohol?

Yes, but we plan on featuring only local beers and wines.

How can I help?

Looking to volunteer or donate money? We would love your help! Please email us at for more information at