Favorite Park Memories

I was the manager of the Park theater from 1975-1980. I have lots of fond memories of working with many family members and friends. In fact, I met my wife there. I was working at the 76 gas station across from the Park, and she was selling tickets in the booth. I quit the gas station soon after and joined the staff at the Park and eventually became manager. It was a great time of my life. BTW we are still married 46 years later! – Rich C.

I could walk there, and saw a bunch of movies there when I was a kid in the 90s and 2000s. For some reason my friends and I saw “Garden State” there in high school 3 or 4 times. Go figure! – John K.

My husband and I went on our first date at the Park Theatre and saw the movie “Cinema Paradiso”. Coincidentally, when the theater closed, the last two movies screened were Cinema Paradiso and Amelie. We attended one of the last screenings of Cinema Paradiso as a sentimental goodbye to the Park. The Cinema Paradiso movie title remained displayed on the marquee for many months after the Park‘s closure. During that time, my husband took a photo of the marquee, had it enlarged and framed, and gave it to me as an anniversary gift to preserve our fond memories of the Park‘s special place in our lives. – Maureen B.

I remember how fun it was when the Park had a “kiddie matinee” on a Saturday for the animated “Beauty and the Beast” back in the 1990’s. My young son and his friends had a great time and it brought back fond memories of my own childhood Saturday matinees. – Anne G.

I remember being inspired by Lassie movies and Saturday afternoon matinees as a pre-teen. Later, though I never joined the make-out group in the left front rows, I always tried to figure out who was making out with whom. The Park was a comfy small-town movie theater. – David O.

I saw my very first movie at the Park: The Little Mermaid. I seem to recall hiding under my seat when Ursula showed up! I’m so happy to see our historic theater coming back to life. – Kate S.

Growing up, I loved the excitement around the whole production of going to the movies. It always felt special – like a whole fun event. From walking in and smelling the popcorn, to picking out your favorite snack, to the much anticipated dimming of the lights and the previews, and then the big show! Movie going was a part of the pop culture experience as a child of the 80’s! The reopened Park will bring new opportunities to come together and create memories with family and friends around an iconic Lafayette landmark. – Monica Y.

One of my best memories was going to the Park Theater on a Friday or Saturday night with a group of friends. We would share a bucket of popcorn and enjoy watching the movie together. – Anonymous

I am excited about the Park reopening because I can walk there with my kids! The last film I saw at the Park was March of the Penguins. We’ve missed it for so long – I am beyond thrilled to have it back. – Katy F.

My sister and I walked into town to watch Paper Moon. Lots of junior high and high school memories at Park (better to not mention some of those.) – Carolyn A.

Saw “A Man And A Woman” there 3 times by myself my Senior year in high school. Cried every time. – Sue M.

Many a Saturday matinee there with friends. Dad and mom too, for South Pacific. The manager would always say hi and knew you by your first name. – Jim H.

I loved being able to walk to the theater from my house, so rare nowadays in small town America, and I can’t wait to be able to do so again! – Heather C.

Double feature matinees with my friends while our moms went shopping. – Lauren L.

Wizard of Oz. I was 5 or 6 years old. Many Saturday westerns. Fond memories. – Alice L.