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The Park Theater originally came into being out of a desire for arts, culture, entertainment — and community — in downtown Lafayette. That was 1941, this is 2020 and the goal for a vibrant Downtown has not changed. The Park Theater can light up Lafayette again but to bring it back to life, we need COMMUNITY. We need YOU!

Looking to volunteer your time?

We would love your help! We are looking for people who love the Park and want to get it up and going — fundraisers, tech support, commercial contractors, community representatives, etc. All are welcome! Please tell us your interest in an email below:

Looking to donate money?

We need your support! To finalize the acquisition and revitalize the Park Theater, we need to raise $8 million dollars.

Donate NowDonate Now

Does Your Company Offer a Corporate Matching Gift Program?

To encourage philanthropy and support their employees’ communities, many companies will match or even double your charitable contribution to The Park Theater Trust, making your support even more significant. Please ask your HR department for more information on how your donation can translate into important resources for The Park Theater Trust.

Or a Workplace Giving Campaign?

You can also choose to support The Park Theater Trust through a workplace giving campaign. Contact your HR department to find out how your gift to The Park Theater Trust powers philanthropy, whether through payroll deduction or an annual gift.

Gifts of Stock and Securities

The Park Theater Trust welcomes gifts of stock and securities. In most cases, these gifts can be made through a simple transfer of assets between financial services firms. Often, a gift of stock brings the donor greater tax savings than a cash gift. You avoid paying capital gains taxes on the donated stock, and receive in turn a charitable deduction for its full fair market value. Please note: For mutual fund gifts, or for gifts of stock not held in a brokerage account, please contact Michelle Bartel at TPTT’s brokerage, Charles Schwab & Co.

Donate Your Vehicle

Donate for Charity arranges free vehicle pickup, handles DMV issues, sells the car at auction, and distributes the net proceeds to The Park Theater Trust. You will receive a receipt entitling you to declare the fair market value of your vehicle as a tax deduction. Call Donate for Charity toll-free at 866-393-4483 for all the info you’ll need. We thank you in advance for choosing The Park Theater Trust to receive the proceeds of your vehicle donation.

Donate Your VehicleDonate Your Vehicle

However you decide to contribute, your generous support is greatly appreciated! The Park Theater Trust thanks you!