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Joan Bruzzone

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What is your connection to the Park Theater and the Lamorinda community?

In 1951 I married my husband whose family were farmers on the land around Stanley Middle School. We moved a block away from Stanley, had six children in six years, raised our family in Lamorinda, and they all still live nearby today. For many years, we used to walk to the theater to see movies.

What inspired you to donate in support of reopening the theater?

The idea of going to the movies at the Park again really stuck with me and brought up a lot of nostalgic memories. I loved going to the movies at least once a week. It’s part of Lafayette’s history! I can’t not seize the opportunity to help.

What does it mean to you to Light Up the Park?

It will bring together the community. Everyone stopping by for popcorn, meeting up with friends, exploring new movies, great movies, bad movies. It will create memories.

When the Park reopens, what movie would you love to rewatch on the big screen, and who would watch it with you?

Any old movies, but especially Spencer Tracey movies, or Philadelphia Story with Cary Grant. I couldn’t pick just one person to watch with me.

How do you like your popcorn, plain or buttered?

Buttered! The popcorn was always so good at the Park Theater. People used to stop by just for the popcorn.

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