What is your connection to the Park Theater and the Lamorinda community?

I was born and raised in Lamorinda, and I remember seeing the marquee on a daily basis as a kid as I drove by. The theater is very nostalgic for me. It takes me back to a great childhood in a great community.

What inspired you to donate in support of reopening the theater?

I am selective with what I choose to put my energy and resources towards. Being a hometown girl, I thought this was a very important opportunity to give back to my own community and share that joy that it brought us as kids, with the youth of tomorrow. 

What does it mean to you to Light Up the Park?

It is a symbol of our strongly bonded community.

When the Park reopens, what movie would you love to rewatch on the big screen, and who would watch it with you?

My top three: “Grease” with my sister-in-law, Sindia; a date night to watch “Shawshank Redemption”; and I would bring my four kids to watch “Elf” for a holiday family fun night. 

How do you like your popcorn, plain or buttered?

Plain, but sometimes I dip my popcorn in salsa.


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