What is your connection to the Park Theater and the Lamorinda community?

I am a 30-year Lafayette resident, and a volunteer working with The Park Theater Trust in reopening the theater. 

What inspired you to donate in support of reopening the theater?

A reopened Park, with its neon sign illuminating downtown, will provide a venue available to all residents to meet, socialize, learn, be entertained, and share a communal experience. Making this happen, given the substantial financial requirements involved, will show the love Lafayette residents have for their community. A reopened theater will act as a kind of beacon or testament to what it means to live in, and love our city, Lafayette, and our willingness to invest in a space accessible by all residents, regardless of their circumstances. 

What does it mean to you to Light Up the Park?

Lafayette’s Lighthouse, a community beacon.

When the Park reopens, what movie would you love to rewatch on the big screen, and who would watch it with you?

“Two Family House”. It ran for one week in the early 2000s. Great movie – watch with friends. And of course, my wife of 50 years, Maureen.

How do you like your popcorn, plain or buttered?

Buttered, to celebrate.


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